Introducing: Hubbard

Inspired by the iconic Particle Board founded by the visionary Hubbard in 1887, beckon you into a world of mystery and sophistication.

Hubbard Skins

From $22,35

Hubbard is a limited-edition skin and made in Italy.

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Made in Italy

Hubbard Skins are made in Italy and crafted in Indonesia.


of thickness with waterproof feature and doesn't leave any residue.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We're so confident in our product that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you are unhappy with our products or service.


Embodying the very essence of history's enduring grace. Each design is meticulously crafted to capture the intricate patterns and textures of the original Particle Board, a testament to the timeless wisdom of Hubbard's creation.

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  1. for this kind of price, it’s good actually, but hopefully there’s some improvement in terms of the grip.

    Exacoat might to try/experiment other material on the grip area to improve “gripness”.

    Woven skin is good, nice texture tho!

  2. I havent use it on my phone for now, coz my phone still on PO periode, but when i saw the skin, it looks cool 👍

  3. Website sangat bagus. Customer service sangat bagus. Delivery sempat tersangkut namun setelah mengajukan komplain langsung ditanggapi. Overall sudah oke

We are very confident about how easy the skin installation is for Hubbard.
Don’t trust our word, see the reviews on the previous tab 👈🏻

Unlike screen protectors or other skins that can only be applied once, our skin can be removed and applied multiple times if it doesn’t fit.

If your skin is damaged on installation within 2 days after the items arrived, we will send you a new one.

See more on the warranty page.

Exacoat provides the highest level of precision skins with 360° innovation, using the best material in the world authentic 3M material imported directly from USA, Japan, Italy, and France.
With installation warranty, first in the world.

Model 360° protects all parts of the body, including the side bezels.
(Not including the power button, volume button, and sim tray.)

Model Cut protects only the backside of the device. Case-friendly.

All skins from Exacoat are using an authentic 3M vinyl material that leaves no adhesive residue and made to protect your device from scratches, mold and dirt.

Installation tutorial can be seen on How to apply page.

Xiaomi 11T Thumbnail

Exacoat accents is an additional skin to get 2-tone colors.
The accents will be installed on the top of the body skins.
Including 2pcs of Exacoat™ logo.

This picture is the example of Lemon Yellow skin installed with Accents – Matte Black

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