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for Galaxy Z Flip 4 & Fold 4

Limited Edition.

Serialized to 100.

Permanent stains no more

Just like any surface, everything will get ruined. Stains on your device usually caused by fungus, and the fungus is created by a combination of dust and moisture that finds its way into the interior elements of the device's surface.
By using a skin, nothing can get inside.

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Scratch resistant

Imagine a car being wrapped in a cover, and now you slide down from the top of the car. Dust and small debris between them will obviously create scratches, right? The same thing is happening on your device with your case. Yes, as you expect, it also won't happen if you're using a skin.


By using our skin, your device will look the same as the time you applied the skin. Removal is guaranteed to leave behind zero adhesive residue.
Best. Investment. Ever.

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Precise fit

Every skins are crafted with obsessive attention in detail by our experienced Research and Development team, with industrial-grade cutting machine. We never buy templates from anyone, we create them.

That's not all, there's more:

Slimmest protection · Better heat release · Aesthetically pleasing · Water-resistant · Case-friendly · Warranty applied ·