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be protected.

— It’s a necessity, and a lifestyle.

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21/11/21: Realme GT Neo 2 Skins now available
05/11/21: Macbook Pro 14 Skins now available
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Ark Invisible Skin

Protecting without being seen.

Questions? 💡

Why Skin?

All devices are prone to scratch, no accessories could stop it, except by using a skin.

Try to take a look at your old phone that used a case. Small dusts between your case and your phone are scratching your phone.

You can still use both skin and a case though, just use our Model Cut which is case compatible.

Can I Install It?

Unlike screen protectors or other skins that can only be applied once, our skin can be removed and applied multiple times if it doesn’t fit.

Installing the skin is not as hard as you think, really.

We are giving a free 2 days warranty, that’s how confident we are. If you fail to install the skin within 2 days after the items arrived, we will send you a new one.


See more on Warranty page.

The unseen problems.

Everyone scratches their devices, and it's a fact.

Even the toughest case will scratch your device, created by the small dusts trapped between the case and your device. Exacoat came to add an extra layer from your device to the outside world.Compatible with any cases for the Model Cut.