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The collaboration between Exacoat™ and graphic designer AFMTZ® has resulted in a skin that features a futuristic look with the use of modernized katakana and graphic elements inspired by advanced technology.


An exclusive skin forged by EXACOAT x AFMTZ

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afmtz accents lines
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'Phantom Black': Immerse yourself in the depths of elegance and mystery. With this skin, your devices will don a cloak of darkness, juxtaposed with striking white accents. Let this enigmatic fusion bewitch your senses as you explore the hidden depths of style and sophistication.

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'Ghost White': Embark on a journey of refined simplicity and ethereal allure. This skin envelops your gadgets in a veil of pristine white, adorned with captivating black accents. Be entranced by the harmonious dance between light and shadow, evoking a sense of intrigue and fascination that sets you apart.

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'Haze Yellow': Ignite your senses with a burst of vibrant energy and enigmatic charm. With this skin, your devices radiate a warm and captivating orange hue, accentuated by black accents. Experience the captivating aura that exudes from this unique fusion, captivating attention and sparking curiosity wherever you go.


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Under the alias AFMTZ, Habibi was a typographer that fascinated by the cyberpunk genre in games and films. He was particularly drawn to the genre's futuristic elements and was inspired to create designs based on what he observed and started to set his image as a futuristic logotype designer. Exploring its visual language, he was able to develop his perspective on the near future of graphics.