We really care
with your device.

The skins that you have installed,
we will replace it with the new ones.

We understand that mistakes can occur at any time,
exacoat provides installation warranty for all products, without exception.

Terms and conditions for warranty claims:

  1. Confirm the warranty and take steps for warranty claims within the maximum time 2 × 24 hours since the item was received.
  2. The guarantee can only be claimed a maximum of one time per product.

Warranty claim steps:

  1. Hubungi exacoat Care (Whatsapp).
  2. List the order number, name and product as well claimed part.
  3. Cut / torn skin into several parts. (To avoid misuse of warranty claims)
  4. Submitting a video that shows the process of the skin being scissors / torn.
  5. Bear the shipping costs of the product warranty that will be sent within the maximum time 1 × 24 hours or the warranty is deemed forfeited.
Note: the type of the product to be shipped are in accordance with the product ordered beforehand.