exacoat Request Program

Your device skin is not available?
we will make it installed with free.

Without any additional fees, you can get free exacoat skin!
Only for devices accepted by our team.

1. Pembeli telah membaca dan menyetujui syarat & ketentuan dibawah

2. The buyer sends the device that you want to request

3. exacoat team takes the measurement process to a maximum of 2 × 24 hours (working days)

4. The device is sent back with various special benefits for you

Benefits for you:

  1. Get free shipping back to you along with shipping insurance through JNE.
  2. Mendapatkan 1 set skins gratis dengan motif sesuai permintaan.*
  3. Installation is done directly by our team and will be sent to you in perfect installation conditions.
*Untuk device yang sudah disetujui

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Buyers are willing to send devices that are requested to us.
    The manufacturing time needed is a maximum of 2 × 24 hours on weekdays (counted when our device is received).
  2. It is required to use insurance when using the shipping service you are using.
  3. We are not responsible for any loss or damage when shipping to us.
  4. Send photos of the condition of the device to be sent (front, back and every corner).
  5. It is strongly recommended to send the device locked and dead.

Tertarik mengikuti program ini? request sekarang.