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Redmi Note 5 Marble White Skins

US$ 95.000,00 - US$ 199.000,00

Marble White skin is an organic stone imaging which give pretentious and bright impression to your device.

  • With installation warranty
  • Highest precision fit
  • Stylish and thin protection
  • Comfortable texture felt in hand
  • Best quality in the world, Authentic 3M Material

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Note: The Mi logo does not have the same standard position on some devices, allowing the logo cutout position to be inappropriate, it is recommended to purchase an additional logo skin.



3 reviews for Redmi Note 5 Skins Marble White

  1. Marudut (verified owner) -

    No need for many words, very good and precise

  2. ridhoferdiansyah25012001 (verified owner) -

    The main thing is that it fits perfectly for reno 5 gold colors, only 1 thing that I don't like is the glue is less sticky, initially it's hard to heat up the match, finally it can, even though finally there is a match:

  3. mchael.story7 (verified owner) -


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