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Redmi Note 5 Black Camo Skins

US$ 9,13 - US$ 18,18

Black Camo is the best motive from exacoat, the material is imported directly from USA with the highest precision fit.

  • With installation warranty
  • Highest precision fit
  • Stylish and thin protection
  • Comfortable texture felt in hand
  • Best quality in the world, Authentic 3M Material

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Note: The Mi logo does not have the same standard position on some devices, allowing the logo cutout position to be inappropriate, it is recommended to purchase an additional logo skin.



6 reviews for Redmi Note 5 Skins Black Camo

  1. ridhoferdiansyah25012001 (verified owner) -

    The problem is that it's easy if you usually use the garskin and the like, if my newbie is hard. For the camo, the texture is good, the glue is also good, it sticks to the bottom, it can be pulled again ... Pokokny there is a price there is quality

  2. the courtesy of 1996 (verified owner) -

    The skin is really good there is texture and precision ... sure

  3. muhammadrava18 (verified owner) -

    Precision skin

  4. oktamachine (verified owner) -

    Skinya mantap banget…

  5. oktamachine (verified owner) -

    Skinnya mantap banget…

  6. fajarbinbas (verified owner) -

    skinnya mantap berstekstur

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