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Nova 3i Black Camo Skins

US$ 10,59 - US$ 17,45

Get 2 types of back for Huawei Nova 3i skins
(1 back model cut & 1 back model 360°)

Black Camo is the best motive from exacoat, the material is imported directly from USA with the highest precision fit.

  • With installation warranty
  • Highest precision fit
  • Stylish and thin protection
  • Comfortable texture felt in hand
  • Best quality in the world, Authentic 3M Material

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exacoat™ accents is an additional skin to get 2-tone colors.
Including camera skins and exacoat™ logo.

exacoat accents



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1 review for Nova 3i Skins Black Camo

  1. aria.megananda (verified owner) -

    Very satisfying, my Huawei Nova3i is getting cooler

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