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Galaxy S9 Chameleon Skins

US$ 10,59 - US$ 17,45

Chameleon skin has an iridescent matte-finish color that changes from teal to purple depending on your viewing angle.

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exacoat™ accents is an additional skin to get 2-tone colors.
With 2pcs of exacoat™ logo.

exacoat accents



1 review for Galaxy S9 Skins Chameleon

  1. Taufan (verified owner) -

    Dari segi material, cutting dan pelayanan bagus banget.
    Cuman kalau dari segi warna, kok saya kurang begitu suka banget.
    Tapi ini kembali ke selera masing” org.
    Pokok ny disini recommended banget.

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