What is smartphone/gadget skin?

It is an additional layer to protect your gadget. exacoat is using the best material which is authentic 3M vinyl with a thickness suitable to protect your gadget without making it thick.
Setiap motif memiliki tekstur unik tersendiri yang dapat Anda pilih sesuai dengan selera.

What is exacoat?

exacoat is a brand that leads gadget skin market in Indonesia by using the best material and prioritizing highest precision.

Why choose us?

exacoat provides the highest level of precision skins with 360 ° innovation, using the best material in the world authentic 3M material imported directly from USA and Japan.
Disertai installation warranty, pertama di Indonesia.

What is authentic 3M vinyl?

3M is a worldwide leading brand with quality that is not in doubt and the vinyl type that we use is very rare that is not produced in Indonesia

Are there any skins available for my smartphone?

Available skins are only skins that are in the exacoat.com catalog.
If you cannot find your device, please visit Request page

Will it leaves stain when removed?

All skins from exacoat are using authentic 3M vinyl material that leaves no spots or marks, and of course to protect your device from mold and dirt.

Could I see the real picture?

All of the skin pictures can be seen within every product description.
The pictures are real picture from exacoat and protected by copyright

What is the differences 360° Skin Type and Cut Type

Model 360° protects all parts of the body to the sides
(not including power button, volume button, and sim tray.)

Model Cut protects only the back sides of the device. Suitable if you want to use a case.

How to install the skin?

For the installation please proceed to cara pemasangan.

What is exacoat™ accents?

exacoat™ accents is an additional skin to get 2-tone colors.
It is installed on top of body skins.
Including 2pcs of exacoat™ logo.

Picture above is the example of Slate skin installed with Accents – Lemon Yellow

Do I need to register an account?

Pembuatan tidak diperlukan dalam proses pemesanan, namun pembuatan akun berguna untuk mengetahui status pesanan, serta memudahkan untuk pemesanan berikutnya.

I have done the payment, now what?

Pembayaran akan terkonfirmasi secara otomatis.
If the payment does not match the nominal with the payment code, please do a manual confirmation at confirmation page.

What payment gateways are available?

exacoat menerima pembayaran transfer melalui bank BCA, Mandiri, dan BNI, dengan nomor rekening yang tersedia pada saat checkout, serta pembayaran melalui Kartu kredit, serta GoPay.

Why can't I unable to go through the checkout process?

For all the obstacles occurred during the process of making the order, please contact us.

When will be my order delivered?

Orders with confirmed payments before 3:00 p.m. will be sent the same day.
For Saturdays, shipments are made at 12.00 WIB.
After this hour, the order will be sent to the next day. (Sunday has no delivery)

I want to use GO-SEND for the shipment, is it available?

For shipment with GO-SEND, please place the order through Tokopedia.

Why does my order haven't arrived yet?

If it took more than the estimated shipment duration, please contact us and please inform us your order number.

JNE Contact Center: (021) 2927 8888

When will my payment be confirmed?

Automatic confirmation will be done every 30 minutes.
If the payment does not match the nominal with the payment code, please do a manual confirmation at confirmation page.

Where can I see my order status?

Order status can be seen in Status Page, your Accoutnt Page and also from e-mail.

What does the status of my order mean?

"Waiting for Payment"
After you place an order, you will receive a confirmation email from exacoat.
Please do the payment so that the order can be processed immediately.

"Being Prepared"
We will confirm your payment automatically and your order will be processed.

"Ready to Ship"
Your order will be sent in the same day.

"Order Sent"
Your order has been shipped by exacoat through Pos Indonesia. Please check the tracking number by email or Status Page.
Tracking number can be tracked within 1x12 hours from the time email was received.

Where can I track the shipment status?

Tracking number can be checked from status page, and also by e-mail from exacoat after the order being sent.

I received a defect product

If you received a defect product caused by production error, please contact us including the product picture that you received maximum 5x24 hours after you receive it.
We will replace it with the new one. (Not applicable for installation error)

I received different goods from what I ordered

If you received different goods from what you ordered, please contact us accompanied by attaching the detail pictures of the defected goods you received maximum in 5×24 hours counted from the date when the goods arrived at your address.
Product can be replaced if only the goods have no defect.

I failed to install the skin, what should I do?

You can gently take off the skin and try to install it again assisted by hairdryer/heat gun. Pay attention to the detail on the installation tutorial.

I want to be a reseller

Untuk menjadi reseller dari Exacoat, diperlukan syarat-syarat tertentu. Untuk lengkapnya silakan menghubungi kami melalui email di halaman Kontak Kami.

I'm a reviewer/influencer, can we cooperate?

To request a skin sample from us for review, please provide information about your review channel via email on the Contact Us page