We really care
about your device.


Extra protection to your device,
With No question asked to claim.

We understand all gadget accessories could break,
therefore, exacoat provides insurance to all main products.

Case example

Some case example on how skin can be damaged:

  • Device reparation service

    Doing some reparation service on your device usually need your skin to be taken off.

  • Scratches
    exacoat skins have enough thickness to prevent any scratches on your device, but the skin itself will be scratched.
  • Fall into rough surface
    Vinyl, plastic, rubber, even steel surface will be damaged if it falls to rough surface.
The claiming process can be done with the correct procedure with no question asked.

Protection type

All products can be registered for insurance with protection types such as:

  • 3 Months
    Perlindungan 3 bulan dimulai dari tanggal pembelian dengan harga 9% dari harga produk.


Protection will begin on the purchase date.

All of the claiming process must show the used skin, according to the procedure below, and can be done maximum of 1 time in one order number (order ID).
Asuransi tidak berlaku untuk produk bagian kamera dan logo.

Insurance claiming procedure:

  1. Contact exacoat Care (Whatsapp).
  2. List the order number, name and product as well the claimed part.
  3. After being confirmed by our team, cut / tear skin into several parts. (To avoid misuse of insurance claims)
  4. Submit a video that shows the process of the skin being cut/torn.
  5. Bear the shipping costs of the product warranty that will be sent within the maximum time of 3 days or claiming process will be considered invalid.
Note: the replacement is the same according to the previous order.